TheraLeaf™ was founded in the United States with the mission of providing top quality, organically cultivated cannabidiol (CBD) products to the US market.

A brand trusted by physicians and patients for its dedication to purity and efficacy, TheraLeaf™  expanded its operations to the European Union (EU) and Oceania in 2018. All products designated for international export are manufactured under strict EU GMP certification, allowing for reliable supply to countries where the sale of CBD tinctures is permissible.

Meet The TheraLeaf Team

Gabriel Shpilt, CEO, TheraLeaf LTD

"Ever since he first gave his grandmother medical cannabis for her chronic pain and witnessed the benefits first hand, Gabriel knew he wanted to work in the cannabis industry.

As the founder of Plants Not Pills™, Gabriel has spent the last 8 years growing an international company dedicated to sourcing and distributing affordable, top quality hemp derived CBD products around the world. With the creation of TheraLeaf™, Gabriel successfully expanded into the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical grade CBD tinctures specifically intended for Oceania.

When he is not thinking up new product formulations and travelling to far flung places to distribute CBD, Gabriel enjoys spending time at home with his dachshund Max and an ever present box of After Eights.

Martin DiBuccio, Head of Business Development, TheraLeaf LTD

"People Person" is an understatement when describing Martin. Born for sales and business development, Martin has been able to put his skills to use in a number of different industries including haute couture and pharmaceuticals.

However, when Martin began treating a gym injury with CBD, he knew he found his true passion. Since joining Plants Not Pills™ in 2018, Martin has expanded the market for both Plants Not Pills and TheraLeaf™ products to include 6 countries.

Martin's next goal is to expand Plants Not Pills™/TheraLeaf™ into his native Argentina. When not planning strategies for new market acquisitions, Martin is fond of going to the gym and gardening.

Matt Drake, Head of Compliance and Export, TheraLeaf LTD

There's a reason that his primary school classmates referred to him as the human encyclopedia.

Blessed with a photographic memory, Matt has been able to apply his attention to detail and love of learning to become a regulatory expert on the sale and distribution of medical cannabis. s Head of Quality Control and Compliance for TheraLeaf Ltd, Matt has enjoyed the challenge of navigating the complex processes involved in product registration and export.

As he puts it, "There's never a dull moment.
Every time you think you have it figured out there's another hurdle to overcome. It's humbling and forces you to never stop learning."

On days when Matt is not buried in paperwork and making sense of complex legislation he is spending time with his wife Sylvie and their infant son.